8 Sep 2011

Defining a Work Breakdown Structure

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The topic of work breakdown structures (WBS) is often hotly debated.

In my personal opinion, the structure should focus on the deliverables that are required to accomplish the WBS element.

For example, you could have a WBS called “Pre Shutdown”. If the work that is in this WBS must be completed to accomplish the Pre Shutdown window, then I feel that is alright.

I use my WBS as a way to accomplish two things:

1. I use it to organize my tasks into similar groupings.

2. I use it to hammock the work in a particular WBS element with Start and Finish dates as well as percentages of completion.

In a future post I will elaborate on these two simplistic aspects of WBS coding and also delve a little deeper into the “Proper” methodology.



8 Sep 2011

Hello world!

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